Laundry room makeover

We are so guilty…in fact, sometimes we like to just put all of our ugly behind closed doors…our laundry room was NO EXCEPTION to that rule.

Since we have started on our kitchen renovation, we have taken it upon ourselves to find other areas of our house to fix up and make prettier, which led us to the dreaded laundry room. Unfortunately we had NO money for this project except for the purchase of a new washer and dryer we could only use whatever we had around the house to “pretty” this space.

We are not saying that a laundry room makeover will make doing laundry more enjoyable. It just won’t suck as much, I mean, it will be much prettier to look at.
That’s impeccable.

BEFORE: (I mean this is embarrassingly bad!)

Laundry Room Makeover.1

Laundry Room Makeover.2

Laundry Room Makeover.3


We even amaze ourselves sometimes with what can be done with just some paint, old salvaged wood and the guts to go for it.
That’s impeccable.

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