That’s Impeccable! Friday’s Favorite Finds – Late Summer

We just can’t bring ourselves to write “Back to School”just yet…That’s why we are calling this “late summer.” I mean it’s *almost* the last week of August, and Kim’s birthday is this weekend, so we are trying to soak up all the summer fun this week.

However, here’s what we want now…Starting with our birthday gal’s picks first!

  • Prescuffed, gently used looking, totally ridiculous, but Golden Goose Sneakers are where it’s at. Plus, they would work so perfectly with our Skirts and Sneakers post/trend.
  • Loungewear. Kim is totally into comfy jammies, and staying as comfortable as possible…as long as possible. So why not up your game? These would be perfect for those lounge lizard days.
  • This is the best find! Bamboo flatware, for 4 under $25! At Walmart.

And Emma’s best picks for late summer:

  • Originally, I was knot feeling the headband trend this summer, however I was totally won over by these.
Screen Shot 2019 08 23 At 6.42.40 Am
Love the look of the Gucci bee? These are only $13.99!
  • Since we love a great high low design, this is what I want for my birthday gift…
  • Want to know what’s getting me through late summer? My adidas slides.
Screen Shot 2019 08 23 At 7.12.20 Am
Best late summer footwear under $50!

And neither one of us can leave the awesome Schumacher collab with Williams Sonoma Home…all of their products are on both of our WANT lists for late summer parties, cocktails by the bonfire, and just because…

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