Our NEST: gut kitchen renovation?

Kitchen Renovation 2017

Demolition is quickly becoming a New Year’s Day tradition for us.  It started a few years ago with our family room.

We decided to open up a wall and extend the room under the rafters. It was just a few extra feet but it was a game changer for us. The following year we took a sledge hammer to some ugly columns in our kitchen on the first day of 2016. Again minor changes that made a huge difference for us.

I mean…

How many of you have a tired, 1990s inspired kitchen that just drives you crazy?  Well, that was us.  In fact, we started a few years ago with our renovation on a budget (like $1200) and painted our cabinets white (they were cherry), and removed the doors to the upper cabinets.

Now 2017

We are going big with no turning back…demo of the kitchen to make way for the big renovation plans.

Our Nest.1

Here is our design hubby cleaning out our painted upper cabinets.  You can see the tile that we’ve had FOR YEARS that we want to use as our new backsplash.  Doesn’t he look excited?

Our Nest.2

Peace out corner cooktop!  What’s on the must have list for this new kitchen?  A gas range.  Yes!

Our Nest.3

Definitely NOT going to miss the corian counter tops.

Our Nest.4

Design Hubby and our old man (the GPA) working to take down the first batch of cabinetry.

Our Nest.5

Already, we LOVE IT!

Our Nest.6

Oh yeah…we decided to open up the wall between our dining room and kitchen to enlarge the opening.  Why have a dining space completely closed off to the kitchen?  Yeah, we don’t know either.  Time to open her up.  More to come with this kitchen renovation. But it looks like we are off to a great start for 2017.

Nothing rings in the new year quite like gutting your kitchen.

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