Kitchen Hardware is the jewelry.

Change your kitchen hardware…change your life.

Kitchen Hardware

Sounds kinda silly, but we think this is one of the easiest and simplest solutions to give your kitchen (or bathroom) a makeover without the huge budget required for a kitchen renovation.

Yes, we are talking a few hundred (to thousand) dollars can totally update this workhorse in your home. Sadly, many homes are stuck with the original knobs and pulls that the contractor installed when the built the house or renovated the kitchen. We are having you take a look at some other ways to change things up.

And we want you to include your appliance too! If you have paneled appliances, update those pulls so they match the rest of your kitchen!

Kitchen Hardware

Here’s some of our favorites:

We sourced these from Home Depot and Rejuvenation. The hardware that we found there is great and they have varying price points and other colors too. We just chose what we liked best.

And if that doesn’t work? You can always just spray paint them to see if you really want to try matte black of get into the brass groove. It could buy you some time. And don’t just limit yourself to the kitchen…those bathrooms could use an update too!

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