Kaftan Kitchen Chic

Let’s get inspired…

Today we’re totally smitten with Pippa Holt Kaftans  and we want to create a custom kitchen out of them. Check out this beauty:

Kaftan No. 40

What’s so special about Pippa Holt Kaftans?

Well, she started to wear kaftans when living in Houston due to the unbearable Texas heat, thus creating a need for chic wear.  In 2016, she launched her company that reflected her love of design and love of travel.  Teaming up with a group of artisans in a remote part of Mexico, her collection was launched.  Did you know that it takes up to one month to make each kaftan?  No two are the same.  They are made using an ancient weaving technique that has been used for generations in this particular community, so needless to say, you are wearing a work of art.


According to Pippa, “I love the authenticity of these kaftans and how comfortable they are to wear. I call them my holiday heroes: they pack small, work day and night, on a beach, in a city, with or without a belt. They are incredibly versatile.”


Now, let’s transform this beauty into today’s mood board Monday.

Mood Board Monday

Why do we love this pic?  Well, it’s grounded in texture, natural elements and color.  I mean, the story of how these beautiful caftans are made is amazing too.  We decided to select No.40 as our inspiration for today, and we think it is the perfect pic to create a new kitchen…either DIY or an art piece created by Impeccable Nest.

Starting with our walls and cabinets…these two colors will ground our (invisible) kitchen in nature.

Now, let’s dress the space.  From the countertops to the ceiling, serve ware to the rug this place is our interpretation of this beautiful piece.


Lighting/ Stools/Plates/ Rug:/

Get yourself a few simple accessories, and a gallon or two of paint and you too could have a hot new kitchen.  You could definitely add a few of these in too!

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