JOSH YÖUNG ’S new Townhouse

Have you seen Josh YÖUNG new townhouse?

  1. We know you’ve seen his famous “Emma” all over instagram. We even had to purchase one. A beautiful series of portraits, with a signature swoosh through their eyes. Josh YÖUNG has made his way into so many homes this recently.
  2. Also making their way into homes this year, are pillows! Don’t you think it’s time to upgrade? And support a small, local to us business?
  3. While we are at it, let’s add some great art pieces to the home too. This will totally update any space!
  4. And since we are all about updating your space, book a consult with us today!
  5. We will be sure to wear this to our first meeting…a little cozy, and a lot fun. That’s how we like to be.
  6. And if that’s not enough, we really want these in our lives. They’re classics, and have a really great motif. Much like Josh YÖUNG.
  7. Lately we’ve been on a daydreaming travel kick. Obviously, something is missing in our lives. Since we can’t make it out, why not create the best parts of a getaway…at home? These Fortnum & Mason baskets are perfect! Or, create a special weekend/weekday routine to make life feel a little more special. We love making waffles as a family, and it really does create a special moment.
  8. Stay cozy this week…and here’s to ringing in the new year! At home!

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