January Round up: Our Favorite things Design Books

Books…that’s the way to our hearts.

Our books are used as decorations, and styling props…after we’ve read them of course!

You can never have enough design books…we truly believe that. We tend to gift everyone on our list at least one for every birthday, holiday, or event. Seriously. AND..we especially love it when people gift US with design books too!

But for real, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite coffee table books for the starter, the collector, or the dabbler. Let’s break that down a bit more: The starter. Literally someone that is just starting their collection of books. This is a great list and they would seriously appreciate anything from here. The Collector: you think they have everything, all the books, but here’s some really great ones they may not have yet! And the dabbler? They just pick them up whenever the mood strikes…so there are bound to be some holes in their collections.

We probably could fall into their “dabbler/collector” area…there are some holes in our collections and we are always buying ourselves books!

Here’s some that we think are just the perfect gifts:

Share with us how you gift someone you love…there just happens to be a holiday coming up real soon!

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