Jane Webster and The French Table

Meet Jane Webster…Owner of The French Table

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  1. Oh! How we would love to have a seat at Jane Webster’s French Table. It’s a bucket list item. How wonderful would it be to escape on a long term residency learning all things hospitality and French?
  2. We came across her AMAZING instagram page in the middle of the night during the pandemic, and have been having champagne wishes and caviar dreams ever since!
  3. This, this and this are dresses that we are crushing on this spring. And they’re all from H&M! Can you believe it?
  4. Jane Webster also hosts antique weeks and brocante visits during her trips, and we are desperate to go. This gives us those vibes…
  5. So does this, and this! Who doesn’t need to update their lighting???
  6. Recently Jane Webster talked about one of our favorite things: Kintsugi. Have you heard about it? We have a great post to share with you to learn more.
  7. And speaking of learning more…we’ve taken to learning more about skin care, and we LOVE this brand and this product too.
  8. Most of all, we are getting ready for springtime, and since our style has become a bit more laid back, we are looking for some french inspired sandals. These, these or these are a great place to start. We think that Jane would agree too…
  9. All of this talk, and admiration has us dreaming now…

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