Interior designers make the best airbnb hosts


It seems everyone is looking at extra space as a potential airbnb income.

And if your space is in a great vacation location? It just might be a cash cow. Yet, do you know what is really good to have in order to make it successful beyond the location?  A truly bitchin vibe.

A stylish airbnb is what’s hot. You just can’t throw a mattress on the floor and charge people because you live at the beach. Nope! Folks are looking for that super chic pad. Even if it’s in Ohio!

And who better to deliver on this promise than an interior designer. Interior designers make the best airbnb hosts.


Here are 3 airbnbs designed by interior designers that are super chic:

Airbnb host

Airbnb host

Mermaid Avenue by Christiane Lemieux



Interior designers make the best airbnb hosts
The Joshua Tree House,  Joshua Tree, California designed by Sara Combs

Airbnb host

The Guest House at Silent G Farms Callicoon, NY designed by Elizabeth Bolognin


We are always on the hunt for new places to explore, and these look like the perfect spots to rest our heads.  Maybe we need to look into this…






That's Impeccable!

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