Inside New York Apartment of Bethann Hardison

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  1. Just found this New York apartment tour of Bethann Hardison, one of the first African-American supermodels. Every room of her home reflects her style, not one aesthetic but originality. Besides, when we read that she was friends with David Bowie, we knew it had to be a cool space. The best compliment you could ever get about your home is “it’s so you”.
  2. Speaking of David Bowie…did you know, that he is Kim’s FAVORITE musician/artist? Yep, she LOVES him…and also loves this…totally giving her all the feels. By the way, she’s listening to Ziggy Stardust right now…
  3. Speaking of feels…it’s starting to feel like Fall here in New England. And we want this coat to help us get through those chilly mornings and evenings.
  4. And while we’re at it…don’t you think it’s time to change things up? We need this, and this and this to help us feel refreshed and recharged these days.
  5. And since we want to feel refreshed, it’s probably time to update some pieces of your wardrobe. We found this to be worth it at Nordstroms this season.
  6. Since we are updating our wardrobes, and we are showing off a super model, you should consider this, or this or this to make you feel like one this Fall too.
  7. One of our favorite things to add personality to a space, just like Bethann Hardison, is to add art. And Minted has some really great pieces to help bring it all together for you. But here’s one we really love.
  8. And since we are talking about creating a space you love…you know, one that’s so you…give us a call and let us help you create an impeccable space. We are getting ready to launch our newest service: Designer on Call. You can hire us for a month to answer and trouble shoot your renovation or home decor needs. We are your secret weapon to creating the home you REALLY want.
  9. And if you can’t schedule a consult with us…become our bestie. Launching this Fall…we’re spilling all the tea on what creates an impeccable design.


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