In the country with Paula Sutton of Hill House Vintage

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  1. One of the amazing things we’ve discovered during quarantine was the loveliest instagram accounts: Hill house Vintage by Paula Sutton. Her life in England, and the way that she photographs her daily life is absolutely impeccable! Plus, she has us dreaming of moving to England and setting up the dreamiest of settings, while wearing fancy dresses and hunter boots every day!
  2. Did you know that Paula Sutton was photographed for British Vogue? AH-mazing!!!! Plus, she recently spoke to our creative community at P+P Creative Club! She’s beyond.
  3. Okay, channeling our English eccentric, this would make us happy, or this…or this!
  4. Let’s talk about cocktails (or mocktails!)…Paula Sutton has certainly influenced us to set the table, and create a beautiful vignette to have a great cocktail in the garden. And we need these
  5. She also shows how important your environment is, and we couldn’t agree more! Wouldn’t this be great to add? Or this? How about this great table! Imagine all the great photos you could set up…or how they would finish your room!
  6. We think this chair and coat would set the perfect stage for a great photo.
  7. We also know you need art. And we like this, or this for your home.
  8. But, not to change the subject, but this is the most important thing you can do this year…Vote. Wear this shirt with a fabulous skirt, and channel your inner Paula Sutton…


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