Impeccably Real: No Make-Up Home Tour

Welcome to No Make-Up Home Tour.

No Make Up Home Tour

It’s a home tour where we get impeccably real and you get to see what really goes on behind all the Insta perfect rooms. I mean because all of our homes look like this….at all times:

I mean, isn’t your house photo shoot ready at all times?  HA!


The No Make-Up home tour is the brain child of the House of Hipsters (what a great idea, Kyla!), and we knew that we had to share our space with you.  This is an opportunity to show you the other side of social media, or the let’s get real side.  Or everything we’ve shoved into our closets because guests are coming (you too…right?).  Either way, we HAD to jump on this and wanted to share with you that not all homes are magazine ready at all times, because why?  We actually LIVE in our houses.  And in our house, that means kids.


No Make Up Home Tour
Here I am, enjoying my morning coffee, surrounded by toys and kids…pretending none of it exists!


In fact, one very real design element in our home comes from these three amigos.


They add their little touches to each and every room.  If you asked them, they’re interior designers too.  Can’t you tell from their set ups?


Although we have our fair share of self made mess too.

Laundry and clutter are a constant battle, so is cleaning up for the cleaning lady (notice a pattern?  It’s all shoved in the closet!).  But we are also like glorified hoarders, but that’s part of our job.  If you walked into our garages (there are 4), or our basement, it’s a menagerie filled with amazing props for our design clients (current, and future).  We definitely believe that we HAVE to have the pieces because you never know…


Some days we feel less like designers and more like ring leaders in a circus.  Which is definitely true.

Img 1415


No make-up, yet still beautiful.

The best part in sharing our “No Make-Up Home Tour,” with you has reminded us that our life photographs really well, but we still love the chaos.  It is crazy, it is exhausting, but this is the life we signed up for.  To be able to raise strong, secure, confident, children while running a successful, creative, inspiring, and socially conscious business is what we are all about.  It lifts us up, and makes us complete.


Img 1875

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