Impeccable Trend: The Excavated Look

The excavated look?  What’s that?

Do you ever wander through an Anthropologie and wonder why their walls are so awesome?  It’s like the perfect blend of being “done” and “undone.”  Seriously!

I mean, layers of paint, and wallpaper added and removed create a beautiful texture throughout that adds to their story as a brand.  And that wall treatment has a name: The excavated look.

EX-CA-VATE : to remove earth carefully and systemically from (an area) in order to find buried remains.

It’s almost as if you’ve traveled to Europe and discovered an amazing home with the layers and layers of life added to the walls, but they’re intentionally added to create this look.  It’s about the proper balance of new, old, and intentionally distressed applied (and removed) from the 6 planes of a room.

Here are some of our favorite designers and their take on the excavated look:

Impeccable Trend: The Excavated Look

German artist, Anne Schwalbe left her plaster walls with peeling paint. It’s worth a look to see her lovely cottage all in this soulful “excavated” look.

Impeccable Trend: The Excavated Look

Designer Cassandra Ellis with her half-whitewashed brick. She creates “quiet, graceful, and characterful interiors that are both atmospheric and welcoming.”

Impeccable Trend: The Excavated Look

Some walls (above) are restored and painted while others remain bare and un-done.

While Anthropologie may be the biggest company out there mastering the excavated look, it is definitely one that you could do at your home.  In fact, one of our favorite, local coffee shops in Goffstown, New Hampshire has mastered this excavated look at Apotheca.  If you’re local, check it out!

Here’s some great wallpapers/murals for you put in your home to create this amazing look.

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