Impeccable Travel: It’s October, so it must be Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair Weekend.

Whomever said, “you can’t go home again”, has not been to the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair.


Impeccable Travel: It's October, so it must be Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair Weekend.

Sure, we live in New England now, the leaves are turning and nothing is quite like New England this time of year. But…we travel to Manhattan Beach, California the first weekend of October to go to our Hometown Fair. It’s at least 75 degrees, ocean breeze, and all the pepper bellies we can consume in two days. You won’t find any of those at the Deerfield Fair. Sorry. The heart wants what the heart wants.

Heck, even Design Hubby wants to be a native.

He ‘d much rather kick it in the beer garden reminiscing about the good old days at Aviation (Kim) or Mira Costa (Emma) rather than leaf peep with his homies from the G-unit (Goffstown). We think these kids will get the best out of both coasts, but they will be in Manhattan Beach for our Hometown Fair. Totally, for sure.


This year the Hometown Fair will coincide with my 20 year high school reunion, and I’m extra pumped to go. Or maybe not? Reunions can create such weird feelings. Who really wants to go back to high school?  But, living so far away from “home,” really makes you miss some of the familiar faces you grew up with which makes it so nice to go back for a quick visit.  Therefore, Emma is headed back to Manhattan Beach for the weekend (a quick 48 hours or so) to get a dose of home, celebrate 20 years, and come back because we’ve got work to do!

But first, who wouldn’t want to go back and celebrate this?

Hometown Fair

Oh my…there were some good looks leading up to those formative years.  It’s funny looking back on all of it.  Should be a good time celebrating 20 years, but the best part will probably be the Pepper Bellies at the Hometown Fair.


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