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Furniture Launch: Kate Spade

O. M. G.

You know that feeling you get walking into a Kate Spade store? You know, the feeling of total giddiness and glee? Well, now you can bring that feeling home with her AMAZING furniture collection! In fact, it is classic, modern, and whimsical all at the same time.
Imagine this: An upper west side apartment was set up inside of a furniture showroom to show how “that girl” would live. She would be cheeky and colorful, but most importantly, classic. Here are some photos of the furniture launch at High Point Market we were able to see:

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Mark Darcy was even present.

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I LOVE this desk! It’s a must buy for my sister…
She even launched an adorably classic lighting collection too! How beautiful is this? Wouldn’t it look great in an entry or dining room?
Pictures do not do this beautiful piece justice.

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Since it was a party, we celebrated with champs and Old Cubans, and the quintessential black and white cookie (mine is half eaten in the background!).
That’s impeccable.

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