Impeccable TASTE

Do your windows need a facelift?
Consider B L A C K.
This trend is so hot right now.
But we think it will be a classic.

Black window trim will give your home that much needed POP.
It really frames the view outside.
Your windows will become works of art.
They’ll look more custom.
Beautiful + classy.
Nothing is as chic as black + white.
Black can punctuate the space and give it polish.
Think of it as a highlighter.
Even if you can’t afford new windows,
you can get this modern update with just a can of paint.

We think our fixer+upper is the perfect place to go black.
So are you a fan?








By the way, how do you dig our new company signs.
If you see them around town, give us a howdy.

That’s impeccable.

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