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House call to our new friends at PRG.
What a rug wonderland.
Best part of all, this family owned and operated business is so knowledgable.
We hope to be working with them on many exciting projects.

Rugs complete a room.
They tie all the different pieces together visually.
Rugs help anchor a room, define it.
They add warmth.
Rugs help give your room the layers….finished, not flat.
A favorite rug can be the inspiration for the design of the room.
Or the focal point.
A simple addition of a rug or a rug change
could be all the update or final touch your room craves.

Impeccable Taste.1

Impeccable Taste.2

Impeccable Taste.3

Impeccable Taste.4

Impeccable Taste.5

Impeccable Taste.6

Impeccable Taste.7

Impeccable Taste.8

Impeccable Taste.9

Impeccable Taste.10

Impeccable Taste.11

Impeccable Taste.12

Impeccable Taste.13

Impeccable Taste.14

Impeccable Taste.15

Now let’s design your space around one of these great rugs.
Call us for a personalized visit to PRG.

That’s impeccable.

That's Impeccable!

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