Impeccable BEFORE & AFTER: not quite there

Today we share the behind the curtain look at the design process.
Truthfully it isn’t ever just a before & after two step process.
There are many many steps in between as we explore likes and dislikes, unknown treasures that our clients may not see for themselves.

Here is a Before & Not Quite After Yet.

The just before the after look is just us exploring what can be used amongst our clients “things”, what art, what objects, what furnishings can be used in their room and we give the room a pre-staging to give the clients something to get excited about and evaluate prior to our final reveal.

We love how excited our clients get with these pre-reveals.
It is just the boost we all need after all the discussions and purchasing that goes on with a renovation and design. Sneak peeks help get us all excited again. They calm the reveal jitters and let us all know we are on the right track.


Today We Share.1

Today We Share.2

Today We Share.3


Today We Share.4

Today We Share.5

Today We Share.6

Today We Share.7

Today We Share.8

Now we can’t wait for the new lighting and details that will make this space say,
That’s impeccable.

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