Impeccable Nest Gift Guide: The Art of Giving

‘Tis the season, right? Time for giving?

After all of this talk about what to really give to people in your life, and how to spend your hard earned money…let’s talk about giving. Like really giving.

There’s nothing that beats giving back to your community, or the feeling when you’ve truly impacted someone’s day/life. Kim and I have had the honor of doing this on a grand scale with our work at Building on Hope (don’t worry, we will definitely share more on that later! We have another new build/reno project coming up in May!), and it is truly transformation. Like, I actually feel my heart grow bigger with every reveal.

But you want to know something? It doesn’t always have to be THAT big of a gesture. Here are a few of our favorites…let us know what you choose to do this holiday season. We are always looking for new ways to have our hearts grow too.

  1. Pay it forward. In the grocery store, at Starbucks, Walmart, Target. Basically, choose to pay someone’s bill, buy their lunch, or coffee. It will certainly make a big impact on their day and maybe their lives.
  2. Phone a friend. The holidays can be really lonely and isolating. Reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  3. Food Pantry/Bank donations. This is an incredibly hard time for many people, but remember, when people aren’t working or on holiday, they may not have access to a lot. Volunteer your time, or make a donation to your local food bank. Make someone’s holiday break special with your donation.
  4. Leave a book. I love dropping books in random places with a note in them for someone to find. Again, it could make for a gift for another person, or have the right message for the finder.
  5. Play Santa’s elves. Kim and I did this last year. We took out $200 and randomly gave out $20s to those doing the right thing at a grocery store parking lot! You know, putting the carts away…in the right spot!!! Such an overlooked act, but incredibly necessary.
  6. Lotto Tickets. We like to stuff the stockings with these little fun treasures, and while we aren’t advocating for gambling, but leave one behind for the next person.
  7. Go Caroling! Bring the holiday cheer to your community by singing the classics. I’m all about recreating the holiday carol singing from “Little Women” this year with my family…and maybe we recreate that scene one of these years…

Either way, have a wonderful holiday season and spread some holiday cheer along the way. From our family to yours…

Giving Back

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