Impeccable Nest Gift Guide: For Girls

Yes…it’s all about what’s new for girls.

Time to start thinking about what to gift for the lovely little girls in our lives…like these two we have:

Gift Guide for Girls

These two have just about everything a little girl could ever dream of…but we still like to gift a few *extra* special things to them this time of year.

We are always searching for the most sparkly, most fun special trinkets to add to a their stockings, or little things they could gift to friends. We have found some amazing little treasures at some of our favorites like anthropologie and JCrew this season. In fact, there are so many for us to choose from!

And sometimes, it’s not just sparkle for girls that we will give this season. We also love to teach how to give back. Remember this post? We still want to hear how you give back and teach the art of giving back to others during the holiday season too. We’ve been making it a priority to share with our kids how to give back during the holiday season.

However…they can be sure to get some sparkle, and give some sparkle too.

Check out what we love for girls this holiday season:

Either way, it’s a special time of year to add a little sparkle for girls this holiday season, just like the sparkle we added here…Cheers!

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