Layering a room

Where to begin?
You’ve put paint on the walls.
You’ve put in the basic furnishings; bed, nightstands, lighting, even some art.
Yet why doesn’t it look and feel complete?

Sound familiar?

This is where we often find our clients.
Frustrated and stuck.
They have a picture in their minds or a feeling they want to express but they can’t quite get it to happen.

Here are some easy tips to making it happen:
1. establish a focal point. In a bedroom, the area above the bed is perfect for this. It can be as simple as a headboard. Or center the bed to “greet” the room.
2. Layering of textiles add interest. Pillows, bedding, throws are great ways to do this.
3. Art…make sure it is hung at eye level. The most common mistake is hanging art too high.
4. Define a seating or sleeping area with an area rug. Even if you have a carpeted space, area rugs add definition and make an impact.
5. Accessories make it go from bland to finished. Dressing your room is much like dressing yourself. Jewelry, scarves, shoes, hats, glasses, even makeup are the accessories that make your look complete. Same with your room.



Layering A Room.2

Layering A Room.3

Layering A Room.4

Layering A Room.5

Layering A Room.6

From stuck to stunning, this guest room is warm and inviting.
All you need is the smell of coffee brewing downstairs
and your guest will never want to leave!
That’s impeccable.

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