Impeccable FIXER+UPPER

Happy Monday.
How was your weekend.

Can we talk landscaping.

This weekend we were all about this big planter area in the front yard of the fixer+upper.
It is a complicated spot. Awkward size. Difficult to access.
Yet so important to the curb appeal.
We want to enhance the Mid Century lines of this home
and the right landscape design can be the ‘drop the mic’ moment.

Have you had this conversation at your home?
All we can say is, well, don’t let the space surrounding your home go undressed.
Seriously, like many key elements of interior design, landscaping uses many of the same concepts you need for your interior.
Mass + Scale+ Size
Color+ Contrast
Balance+ Symmetry+ Harmony
Pattern+ Repetition
Additionally your plantings will require knowledge of your zone (can it grow in your region of the country), type of plant (evergreen or deciduous), and environmental concerns (type of soil, drought conditions, etc.). That’s just to name a few.

Here are some examples of landscaping designs that we evoked for our Mid Century look. We’d love to hear your thoughts about our plant selection and design.
Did we pull off a clean modern look for this fixer+upper?

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What made this weekend extra fun was sharing the workload with family.
Like many of our projects, many hands make light load.
Word up peeps, the reward of a job well done is so much sweeter when shared.
Don’t ya’ll think.

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This was a special birthday weekend with my father in law.
Hopefully yard work with his grand daughters was just the gift he wanted.

Oh but don’t worry…we had cake too.
That’s impeccable.

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