Impeccable FIXER+UPPER

Week Four of Renovation.
This weekend was a family affair..everyone got busy.
We have a lot of yard clean up to do.
Overgrown bushes and weeds to clear out.
We removed the worn out pergola in the back yard.
Patches have all been done to the siding.
Inside we have done all the drywall finishes and window installs.

We are ready to make it pretty.
This week, we will install kitchen cabinets, flooring and appliances.
Bathroom will have new tile and fixtures.

Impeccable Fixer+upper.1

Impeccable Fixer+upper.2

Impeccable Fixer+upper.3

Impeccable Fixer+upper.4

Impeccable Fixer+upper.5

Impeccable Fixer+upper.6

Impeccable Fixer+upper.7

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Impeccable Fixer+upper.9

Best of all, we just got word that the lighting we ordered has just been shipped.
If you have a chance go to Cedar and Moss, where we ordered lighting, and feast your eyes.

That’s impeccable!

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