Impeccable Finds: Decorating with Rolling pins

Yup, we said decorating with rolling pins.

Sure, you’ll need them to make pie. And who doesn’t love pie.

Impeccable Finds: Decorating with Rolling pins


Pumpkin pie, apple pie, blueberry, chocolate cream, banana cream , coconut cream, strawberry, lemon meringue, pecan pie, peach pie, cherry pie, custard pie, peanut butter pie, raspberry pie, boysenberry pie, rhubarb pie, grasshopper pie, sweet potato pie, crack pie, chess pie, blackberry pie, key lime pie…my oh my have we fallen into a pie daydream.

Excuse us while we wipe the virtual pie crust from our face and get back to decorating or first love just before pie especially in November.

If you love pickin’ like us, you’ll see rolling pins everywhere. One more beautiful than the next. We just can’t say no. Even if you don’t have a country kitchen these sculpted works of art will work in any design. Hang them on a wall, fill them in containers, maybe suspend them from the ceiling, rolling pins are something to collect and used to decorate. Try this simple rolling pin DIY.

A little bit of patina, and a collection totally adds character to a space.  Rolling pins are no exception to this.  They’re sculptural, and make pies too. Yum! What’s your favorite?



Scared?  Read this for inspiration…

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