Impeccable FINDS: are you ready to join the LED challenge.


Have you changed over to LED completely?
No. Well you are not alone.
We are making 2017 our year to change very light in our house to LED.
Here is why you should join the LED challenge too.

1. LED use less energy, therefore they save you on your energy bill.
2. LED have no hazardous solids, liquids or gases,
so they are less harmful to the environment.
3. LED emit no UV light, so less possibility of skin damage.
4. LED has less effect on your eyes, yet has truer color.
5. LED remain cold to touch.
No burning your fingers and less chance of Christmas tree fires.
6. LED last longer. Basically install and forget.
7. LED just don’t break.
8. LED don’t attract bugs.

Seems like a no-brainer not to switch out. Right?

As designers we are all about the warm glow of incandescent light. Warm light makes us all look great. But oh my goodness LED bulbs were just plain ugly. Weird looking and expensive. So we totally understand the initial refrain from these wonder bulbs.

Well the time has come when we can no longer ignore the obvious benefits of the LED.
No longer weird looking.
AND we can have the warm glow that we love.
They are dimmable too! A very important must have.
So if you are up for it, add the dimmer challenge too.

Best news is that we have found such a great deal through Amazon that we are challenging ourselves to replace each lightbulb this year to LED.



Hooray for the environment and hooray for us.
Will you accept the LED challenge.
That’s impeccable.

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