Impeccable FINDS: our new ‘side hustle’

So many of you have heard about our new “side hustle”.
What is a side hustle, you say.
It is a something we will do on the side that still meets with our design life and yet helps get us out and about meeting our people who love cool things. We can have ‘get togethers’ meet new people and talk design.

Our side hustle is India Hicks.
I mean, David Hicks, er father, was a well known interior designer.
So yes, this is the perfect side hustle for us.
She designs handbags, scarves, jewelry, perfumes with such attention to detail.
We love her and her motto; “live an extraordinary life”









As India Hicks Style Ambassadors, we will sell her products.
Come by on Dec 1st and see them for yourself.
We are having a Holiday POP Up event.
Or better yet, give us a shout out and we will set up your own ‘get together’.
That’s impeccable.

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