Impeccable FINDS: let’s do Boston

Since we moved to New Hampshire, we thought cool so close to Boston and yet we still have open space and less congestion of city life. Well come to find out many folks from New Hampshire don’t often go or have NEVER been to Boston. Oh my goodness. You gotta get out there girlfriend.

Here are our FINDS that we could never live without in Boston.

STAY: so if you live in southern New Hampshire you really do not have to stay overnight. This is a splurge idea. This isn’t something we ever do. Nice options though.

The LIBERTY HOTEL 215 Charles Street

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HOTEL COMMONWEALTH 500 Commonwealth Ave

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The VERB Hotel 1271 Boylston St

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The GALLOWS 1395 Washington St. (in the South End).
The food is out of control. I mean, pancakes with short rib and maple butter. And you have to try the poutine. Come at dinner and get the Out of Control poutine of the day.
Ya gotta go.

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No. 9 Park 9 Park St.
No restaurant experience is complete in Boston without a visit to one of Chef Barbara Lynch’s award winning restaurants. For that special occasion, go for a tasting menu but do not miss out on the prune stuffed gnocchi. Don’t care if you say yuck to prunes,
you must, MUST try them.

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BANYAN BAR + REFUGE 553 Tremont St.
We love it here. This asian gastropub is full flavor and so yummy. Great place to get a whole fish. Or late night snack of beer and chicken sandwich.

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Myers& Chang 1145 Washington St.
Go for the Cheap Date Night on Mondays and Tuesdays. $45 bucks for two!
Chef Joanne Chang is amazing. You must go to her bakery Flour too.
We like the Netflix and Chill menu:

Impeccable Finds.10

TODD ENGLISH’S FIGS 67 Main St. (in Charlestown).
We love to stroll down the cobble street of Charlestown. Figs is a lovely little, very little spot to grab a pizza and glass of wine. This thin crusted free formed pizza hits the spot.

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Lolita Cocina and Tequila Bar 271 Dartmouth St.
Ok what we really like the best about this place, are the freebies they give you. As a refreshing starter, they give you a tequila granita and then at the end of your meal they bring a beautiful fluffy fun plate of cotton candy. Did we mention it was free!
If you love guacamole, they have a lobster and crab guac that is out of this world.

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COPPA 253 Shawmut Avenue
What’s not to love about this south end neighborhood enoteca.
Great Italian small plates. Delicious every time.

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Saus 33 Union St.
Do you watch triple D. This place was featured and worth a visit.
The focus here are the condiments and well for us that is where all the magic happens.
I mean you could slather any one of these savory sauces on anything
and it would be money.

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Impeccable Finds.17

Hojoko 1271 Boyston St.
So if you are staying at The Verb, you might want to catch a late night snack at a cool hip place. The chefs/owners of Hojoko own and operate O-ya a very pricey and fabulous sushi restaurant. Never been but always hear great things.
Hojoko is casual cool and yet very tasty.

Impeccable Finds.18

DRINK 348 Congress St.
If just want to grab a drink and bar snacks. Do it with a great cocktail Barbara Lynch does it again with these amazing hand crafted concoctions. Every one made to order just for you. Drink is located in Fort Point neighborhood and the vibe is like a cocktail party. We spent an entire afternoon there one day. Best day. ever.

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The Barking Crab 88 Sleeper St.
Come on. The place speaks for itself. And you must try a lobsta roll when in Boston.

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Giacomo’s Ristorante 355 Hanover St. (North End)
You just can’t say you’ve eaten in Boston without going to the North End.
Authentic Italian food and charm. Honestly when we go we just try to get in any of the quaint tiny spots that isn’t an hour wait. They are ALL good. But if you can or if you don’t mind the wait, try Giacomo.

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HUDSON 12 Union Park St.

Impeccable Finds.26

GOOD 133 Charles St.

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Farm& Fable 251 Shawmut Ave

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Jill Rosenwald Studio 369 Congress St

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December Thieves 88 Charles St.

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Twelve Chairs 581 Tremont Ave.

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Holiday 53 Charles St.

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Neatly Nested 373 W. Broadway

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MFlynn 40 Waltham St.

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Lekker 1313 Washington St.

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Flat of the Hill 60 Charles St

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The World of Marc Hall 531 Albany St.

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Flock 274 Shawmut Ave.

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Tess and Carlos 20 Brattle St. Cambridge

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Wish 49 Charles St.

Impeccable Finds.47

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

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Impeccable Finds.49

Institute of Contemporary Art

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Boston Center for the Arts

Impeccable Finds.52

SoWa Open Market

Impeccable Finds.53

Boston’s Emerald Necklace Parks

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Impeccable Finds.55

Frog Pond

Impeccable Finds.56

Beacon Hill

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Impeccable Finds.59

Newbury Street

Impeccable Finds.60

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North End

Impeccable Finds.62

South End

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Living just 45 minutes outside one of the great cities is such a treat.
Go out and explore Boston.
That’s impeccable.

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