Impeccable FINDS: fake affordable fig trees, not so terrible?

YIKES! We keep killing them.

Impeccable Finds.1

Yes, we have always held very strong opinion about the use of fake flowers or plants.
Yet oh dear, we just don’t have a green thumb.
We never get the watering or the sunlight right.

Could this recent loss be the last straw.
Would we break and go fake?

At least for now, we will dip our toe in the water and take a look at what is out there.

Impeccable Finds.2

z gallerie

Impeccable Finds.3

Ballard Design

Impeccable Finds.4


Impeccable Finds.5

France and Son

Still not sure if we are willing to jump all in but we have to admit these affordable options look pretty darn good. That’s impeccable.

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