Impeccable FINDS: dreamy local cabinetry

In 1999, in a small woodshop on a dirt road in Maine, the dream of a cabinet shop became reality.

Don’t you love a story that starts out like this one.
We do too.
So happy to have discovered Jewett Farms + Co.
Can’t believe they are right in our backyard.

Their work is yummy.
They combine so many of our favorite things, soapstone, salvage wood, copper and other metals. We are fix’in to use them as soon as we can.

Impeccable Finds.2
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Impeccable Finds.4

Impeccable Finds.5

Impeccable Finds.6

Impeccable Finds.7

Impeccable Finds.8

Such attention to detail.
That’s impeccable.

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