Impeccable FINDS


I recently came across this article from discussing the types of flea market art to pick up. It discusses the merits of collecting/picking metal art, portraits, maps, etc.

The best part about flea market art, is that it will not break the bank, and make a HUGE impact on your space. We love finding amazing art and other one of a kind pieces at our favorite fleas. And if you’re just starting out with a new place, why not find something unique, that will make a statement for a small price?Since we have done our fair share of picking, here’s a few fun things we like to do with our flea market finds:

We find these vintage ship/sailing paintings everywhere…and they are usually around $5-$15 a canvas…They are an impeccable bargain! And we love the aged look/patina.

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Vintage map? Add a quote! Find some stencils, and get painting (we use the stencils from Target, and then pair it with our own cursive…see there is a reason why we learn it!)

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Hang portraits…en masse. Now, that’s a statement!

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Get picking…that’s impeccable!

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