Impeccable FINDS

Gosh, we’ve haven’t been out picking at our favorite spots lately.
We hope to get out over this Memorial Day weekend and do some pick’in.
Hopefully you all get some time to relax, spend with family + friends,
and to your favorite flea market haunts.

We recently came across an article from discussing the types of flea market art to pick up. It discussed the merits of collecting/picking metal art, portraits, maps, etc. The best part about flea market art, is that it will not break the bank, and it will make a HUGE impact on your space. We love finding amazing art and one of a kind pieces at our favorite fleas. And if you’re just starting out with a new place, why not find something unique, that will make a statement for a small price? Since we have done our fair share of picking, here are a few fun things we like to do with our flea market finds.

Impeccable Finds.2

Impeccable Finds.3

Impeccable Finds.4

Impeccable Finds.5

Have a good Memorial Day weekend.
Happy pick’in.

That’s impeccable.

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