Flea Market Art

We love flea market art finds.

Impeccable Finds.2

Gosh, we’ve haven’t been out picking at our favorite spots lately.
And although we really hope to do someday get back out there and do some pickin’, we thought that we would share with you a fun chat about flea market art.

  1. There are so many great things about collecting/picking metal art, portraits, maps, etc. So be sure to stock up on those finds when you head out.
  2. The best part about flea market art, is that it will not break the bank, and it will make a HUGE impact on your space. We love finding amazing art and one of a kind pieces at our favorite fleas. And if you’re just starting out with a new place, why not find something unique, that will make a statement for a small price?
  3. Since we have done our fair share of picking, here are a few fun things we like to do with our flea market finds: add fun quotes, masks, “dip,” add a swish through the eyes, add geometric shapes, write a quote, maybe a drink or a cigarette? Have some fun.
  4. We are big collectors of art in our own home, and here’s a round up of some of our favorites to add to any space.
  5. While we are talking about flea markets and flea market art, we totally need this, this and these to feel our best while walking up and down the aisles.
  6. This article, published on NPR was a fun read…still good even if posted in 2011! Can’t believe that was 10 years ago!!!!
  7. Maybe a few of these to keep us out of the sun for our next flea market trip…and maybe we will host another how to thrift (on the road!) workshop!

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