Impeccable FINDS

Look what we scored!
Vintage Mid Century Modern furniture.
Can’t wait to stage our fixer+upper with these beauties.
Maybe some paint, fabric (one of these chairs is screaming out for zebra print), and good old fashioned elbow grease and these lovelies are red-to-go.
Not all will make the cut for the fixer+upper and at least one, the bright and beautiful wall hanging, is a potential inspiration piece for another project. It has a Frida Kahlo vibe…that we are so digging on right now.
Anywho, we are so excited about our finds this weekend.
What about you.

Impeccable .1

Impeccable .2

Impeccable .3

Impeccable .4

Impeccable .5

Impeccable .6

Apologies for the poor photo composition.
Everything had already been loaded in storage before I could get some good shots.
Hopefully this will just whet your appetite for a look at the final projects.
Can’t wait to see how some of these will look in our fixer+upper.
That’s impeccable.

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