Impeccable FINDS

What do you do when you receive a flash sale announcement on your phone, while you are driving somewhere, but nowhere that is important?

Drop everything, and run.

Yes, my mom/partner and I spend a lot of time driving, and someone is usually trolling facebook, instagram or twitter for something interesting or amusing to chat about, and we found the motherload this week: $10 a bolt sale at Zimmans in Lynn, MA.

We have ZERO needs (immediate needs) for any fabric. We have TONS of furniture we would like to reupholster. And we had NO PLANS the afternoon the sale came across our facebook feed, so…why not?

Here’s some pics from our adventures:

Impeccable Finds.1

Impeccable Finds.2

Impeccable Finds.3

Impeccable Finds.4

Impeccable Finds.5

Impeccable Finds.6

Impeccable Finds.7

Impeccable Finds.8

Impeccable Finds.9

Lots of patterns, and lots of animal print…but who doesn’t believe that leopard isn’t a neutral? And, we had to raid the piles with two kids in tow, but…that’s impeccable.

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