Impeccable FINDS

Oh dear, we almost forgot to tell you about another great discovery while in NYC.
I received this totally charming funny yet practical eyeglass holder for my birthday.
Loved it! Had to know where it was purchased.


We strolled down the street to Flying Tiger Copenhagen.
This danish design store is the first one to open in the USA.
Most items are under $20.00.
It is a hip dollar store.
Edgy. Cool. Fun. And so necessary.
Can’t wait to go back and do all of my Christmas shopping.

Impeccable Finds.2

Impeccable Finds.3

Impeccable Finds.4

Impeccable Finds.5

Impeccable Finds.6

Impeccable Finds.7

Impeccable Finds.8

Impeccable Finds.9

Impeccable Finds.10

Impeccable Finds.11

Impeccable Finds.12

Impeccable Finds.13

Impeccable Finds.14

Impeccable Finds.15

Impeccable Finds.16

Impeccable Finds.17

Impeccable Finds.18

Impeccable Finds.19

Impeccable Finds.20

Impeccable Finds.21

Something for everyone.
Heck, get one of everything.
That’s impeccable.

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