Impeccable FINDS

A bed. In a box.

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I stumbled across another persons blog and discovered this dope company called Tuft & Needle, which is known as offering the best mattress, at the best price, sent in a box! So I was intrigued and I needed to order another twin mattress.

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I have decided that my girls will share a bedroom, I’m not down with this individual room business with kids…call me old fashioned, but why can’t they share? Anyhow, I digress…

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Before the holidays I ordered two new twin beds, thank you Novogratz!, for their rooms and I only had one bed, so to the internet I went.

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Aaaahhhhh, the tuft and needle bed finally arrived! It really is wonderful. $350 for a twin mattress and it’s beyond comfortable. I totally recommend.

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That’s impeccable.

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