Impeccable DIY: (Mostly) No-Carve Pumpkins

We hate carving pumpkins.


Seriously.  From the use of the knife skills (or power tools) for carving, to digging out the guts, everything about it turns us off.  Yuck.

I mean, we love the look, especially those that do amazing designs, but you won’t find any intricate creatively carved pumpkins at our house. In fact, if we do carve pumpkins, we procrastinate to the last possible moment, dreading the whole process, and yet guilted into the season because you know, it’s tradition.

So, if you are like us, carving averse, here are some super fabulous ways to decorate. There are some with minimal carving (we think that we, can handle it, so you can too), but most just require markers, glitter or paint. The results are sensational. Not traditional yet so unique.

If all of this overwhelms you. Just go plain wrap (like us!). Pumpkins are pretty spootacular all by themselves.

Shhh don’t tell the Halloween ghouls.

Impeccable DIY: make a pumpkin planter


We can’t wait to try some of these clever ideas.

Show us some pictures of your Halloween decor, we would love to see what you did.  We love the painted white and blue “ginger pot” inspired this season. However, you will only find a stack of beautifully, muted pumpkins at our house.  It’s better than the mum and a pumpkin trend at least. Here is one last no carve pumpkin DIY from last year.

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