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30 Days of September: The Console Table
Not every home has a grand entry, nor does every home have an entry, however many homes have room for a console table that can be placed in a hallway, near an entry or in between two rooms.
The console table is one of my favorite pieces of furniture because it serves as an art piece or a display for your favorite items, which reflect the style of you. Rarely does a piece in a house truly reflect the interests and loves of a homeowner, without being a truly functional piece (like a sofa, or coffee table).
We’ve decided to give your 30 days of console table styling, using our own table, in our home, with 30 completely different looks. The looks range from modern and sleek, to layered and traveled. Every look is different, every look reflects a different genre and design, however, they all incorporate the elements and principles of design, therefore creating a timeless design for every space and every budget.
Here’s a table (available for purchase to find a retailer click here) similar to the table we have in our home:

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Our table is currently in the hallway from our entry into our downstairs living room. This table is a reflection of our personal style, yet we know it is a classic piece that would look beautiful in every home. Currently, here is how we keep our table styled:

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We incorporate a lot of living plants in our home, so this table proudly displays succulents, and moss and other natural objects found in nature to provide texture on this smooth, wood table. It also houses our dry wood for our fireplace. Above the table, is a bitchin’ folk art piece we purchased when we first bought the house in 1999 at a local antique store. This piece is painted on cabinets from an old colonial home, and shows the covered bridges of New England (it’s a favorite piece of ours!). We like to play with texture, and scale, and always include whimsical pieces (note the cement mushrooms in the planters!).
Stay tuned throughout the month for daily table vignette inspiration!
That’s impeccable.

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