Impeccable DESIGN: how to style a bookcase.

As designers, we often hear from our clients that styling bookcases is overwhelming. “How do we get our bookshelves to look inviting and not just filled with books?”

Here are 5 easy tips to consider when styling your bookcases.

1. Well. first you do need the obvious, books. Next sort them into groupings according to height. Also instead of filling each shelf end to end with vertical books, consider weighing one end of a grouping with something weighty and interesting like a bookend and just allowing the opposite end to just lean.

2. Add visual variety. Don’t just display your books vertically – STACK THEM. Just 3-4 larger books stacked horizontally will add interest. Consider topping stack with a decorative object.

3. Bookcases are a great place to display a collection of vessels and/or vases.

4. Art and photos. Smaller pieces of art looks great propped up on a bookcase. Framed photos can be showcased on a shelf to create a personal feel.

5. Lastly, storage. For additional storage to help decrease clutter use the bottom row of a bookcase for that extra storage. Think piles of old magazines, boxes of papers/photos or even folded blankets or throws.

Don’t let a bookcase overwhelm you. Follow a few of these tips and go from this.

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To this.

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That’s impeccable.

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