Impeccable DESIGN: phillip jeffries wallpaper

There has always been a love/hate relationship with wallpaper.
I mean, everyone dreads removing it, although they are making them much easier to remove these days. They even have temporary ones too.
So don’t let those dreadful 80’s borders steer you away
from some dreamy wall coverings.
Yes, despite your particular feeling about them,
there will always be a place for wall paper.
We can’t fall out of love when it is done right.

One classic wall covering finish is achieved through the use of natural textured fibers. They offer that timeless elegant look.
Phillip Jeffries has been a manufacturer of unique, fine quality natural textured wall coverings made of raffia, hemp, silk, Japanese paper, grasscloth,
linen, and gold leaf.






Your room will never grow tired of these beautiful papers.
That’s impeccable.

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