Impeccable DESIGN: Hutton Wilkinson

“A little too much is just enough for me!”

No one is more known for designing in this more is more style and doing it well than Hutton Wilkinson and his legendary business partner Tony Duquette.
Together they are masters of high style decorating.
Through whimsy, drama, exquisite details, bold elements, and a show stopping passion for refinement, Hutton Wilkinson exuberantly discussed his approach to design that is just right for how we live today. Hutton Wilkinson was a keynote speaker at the Boston Design Center last week and he kept his audience transfixed and in giggles. Such a love for beauty and life. And yes! We could all walk away with a clearer understanding that beauty not luxury is what we should value. More is more is not about gluttony or waste rather a realization that the human soul needs to be “enchanted by color and pageantry”.

Hutton Wilkinson was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in the architectural offices of his father and grandfather. At eighteen he had the opportunity to apprentice under the great American design icon, Tony Duquette. Yes, their clients were the super rich, they were allowed to “do whatever they wanted with NO budget”. Totally unrealistic for us. Yet so many takeaways from this fascinating life.

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Impeccable Design.2

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Impeccable Design.4

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Impeccable Design.6

We can’t wait to install leopard carpeting for someone somewhere and his fantastic idea to blow up a piece of art and paper a wall. Did you see those beautiful walls in that turquoise room, they are sketches that he had blown up. Absolute genius!
We also don’t hate his little nod to “love money” from his clients. Just sayin.
Thats impeccable.

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