Impeccable DESIGN: add that pop of RED to your black and white


Everyone loves the clean graphic look of black and white.
From farmhouse to pent house everyone seems to want to rock this look.
Even the Kardashians. L.O.L. Come on, we had to include them since they seem to be the fempire behind this trend. Anyway, here are some simple ideas of how to add some holiday tradition to this bold trend.

Add a red windowpane pillow to your chair. It still looks chic AND festive.

Impeccable Design.2

A bold red and black tartan pillow mixed among your white wool sofa and grey silk pillows. Why of course!

Impeccable Design.3

Metallics of gold and silver look wonderful with black and red. Go for it on your tree.

Impeccable Design.4

Go red and tartan under your tree too.

Impeccable Design.5

Wrap up some books in your favorite black, white and red wrapping paper too.
Fill those glass vessels with bulbs.

Impeccable Design.6

Or how about adding a wall of snowflakes to your chalkboard wall.
With just a few simple touches your sophisticated black and white themed home will be filled with the warmth of the holidays.
Thats impeccable.

That's Impeccable!

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