Impeccable DESIGN

Let us, reintroduce ourselves….
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Wife. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Friend.

Interior Designer.

Southern Californian. New Englander. Ecclectic.

About Impeccable Nest

Impeccable Nest is an interior design practice dedicated to creating inviting spaces. Emma Carole Paradis and Kimberly Carole are the owners and designers of Impeccable Nest, based in Bedford, New Hampshire. We are a mother daughter team with a love for design.

Originally from the beach area of California and now in Bedford,
New Hampshire, we bring a Southern California cool and New England tradition to our designs.

Living together under one roof as a multigenerational lifestyle….no, my husband is not crazy…well maybe a bit, we not only learned so much from each other, it allowed us to explore creatively. We went back to school to study interior design and we were hooked. With a first child/grandchild on the way, we forged ahead to launch Impeccable Nest Interior Design in 2013.

Family+Home+Design=Impeccable Nest

It’s hard to put into words what exactly makes a house a home.
You know, what makes someone say: “this place is so you”.
At Impeccable Nest, we believe it is your personality that makes each room of your home convey your unique story.
We work with you to understand how your rooms work and how you want your rooms to feel.
Like our name, we want to build your nest.
A home that brings you comfort, beauty, and cause for wonder.
Something uniquely you.
With meticulous attention to placement and materials and a complexity of design, Impeccable Nest believes: “your home should enhance your life”.

So let us create an interior that inspires…

That’s impeccable.

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