Impeccable DESIGN

We need to replace the fence on our fixer+upper.
Not only is it ugly.
It is falling over.
It is done.

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How to choose the right fence.
First, you should decide what you want from the fence design.
Do you want privacy.
To keep children or animals in…or out.
Do you want to make a strong visual or should it disappear.
Or do you want a fence that adds an aesthetic complement to your home.

Next, what is the style of your home?
Mid Century Modern.

Once you know the style, do you want something that complements this style
or something that will add an interesting contrast.

Are their things from your home that you can add to your fence.
Colorful accents.

Think about what accents you use.
Your address.

Don’t forget about how you will use plants.
Do you want them to standout (or disappear).

Lastly, check out how you and your guests will approach your home.
Go out and see what your fence will look like from across the street.

Here is one simple guideline:
If your home is simple. Do simple.
If your home is ornate. Choose something more ornate.

We have a Mid Century Modern house and we really want the fence to drive home that style. So we are going for this style. It will be simple. Horizontal wood. Not painted. Stained. Nothing ornate. We don’t want it to stand out, but it does need to look like it supports the whole aesthetic of the home. And the view from across the street, should be “wow, that house really needed that fence. It so goes with the house.”

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Remember, your fence can add curb appeal.
Curb appeal adds value to one of your biggest assets, your home.

That’s impeccable.

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