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Here is our first entry of our review of countertop options.
Today we will look at some natural stone finishes.
Granite, Soapstone, Marble, and Slate.

very popular, everyone seems to equate granite with high end design.
wide array of colors and patterns. black and white flecked a bit overused.
expensive although pricing can vary.
should be sealed every 10-15 years to resist staining.


fewer colors than granite, gray, black, and green.
although still delivers very rich and impressive finish.
mineral oil rub gives deep black finish versus gray tone of unsealed look.
very heat resistant.
ages over time like fine leather.


elegant classic look.
heat resistant, baker’s preference.
more porous than granite – absorbs liquids, stains easily.
can be scratch, chip even crack.
seal every 10 -15 years.
honed: lacks shininess yet makes more scratch resistant.
polished: gives glossy look and will withstand stains better.


subtle uniform appearance.
not as many color variations as granite, think grays, browns, greens.
non porous, does not scratch, virtually maintenance free.
corners can be brittle and sharp, should be rounded.
more affordable than granite and marble.


That's Impeccable!

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