Impeccable DESIGN

Let’s look at Ceramic Tile and Concrete.
Tile is a blast from the past and Concrete is new kid on the block, at least in the mainstream market.

OK, we must confess, this was a tough one.
You just don’t see this being done anymore.
It was so tough to find some good examples that we posted a few just to prove it can be used and done well. So don’t discount this blast from the past.
Just be sure to use tiles rated for floors or countertops – wall tiles on a counter will crack easily. And for all you DIYers, it can be applied over your existing laminate countertops.






one of our faves.
we added a couple more photos cuz it was just so hard to stop.
those who are doing concrete are just doing it so right.
it can be modern, it can be country/farmhouse.
so versatile. L O V E it.
you can stain, add pigment even add tile, stones, glass,
shells to achieve your work of art. imagine your child’s hand print.
so yes, it is gaining popularity, so happy because it can to tough to find folks to do it.
lack of skilled installers does make this option somewhat costly.
you can get pre-cast or poured in placed.
curing and sealing is very important because if not done properly
it is susceptible to stains.
otherwise this product is extremely tough.
does not scratch, extremely heat resistant.




So let us know, are you cool enough to rock one of these options.
That’s impeccable.

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