Impeccable DESIGN

Last but not least, although not discussed much, glass aggregate and recycled paper countertops. As we become more and more aware of the planet and the real need to recycle, reuse, and repurpose these products are becoming increasingly popular.
So what are they.

unique appearance.
colorful alternative, like a tiffany lamp on your countertop.
can be encased in clear acrylic or embedded in concrete.
very eco-friendly.
reasonably strong.
fairly expensive.


another eco-friendly choice.
surprisingly durable.
resembles soapstone.
made of post consumer waste paper, non petroleum-based resin and pigments.
mix is heated and compressed into dense slabs with a “feel”
that is often compared to a warm soft stone.
lighter than stone so no additional supports necessary for longer spans.
non porous
stain resistant
not very heat resistant – so trivets should be used.
limited color palette, mostly medium to dark hues.


So that completes our coverage of countertops.
Have you found your favorite option.
Next up for COUNTERTOPS 101: Types of Edges.
That’s impeccable.

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