Impeccable DESIGN

Today we end of series on countertops with our final topic: counter edges.
You know how they say “it’s all in the details” well this is so true with choosing your countertop edge. It is such a small detail with a huge effect on function and impact.

What is the right edge for you.

3 cm square profile offers the most simple basic look. It doesn’t call attention to your countertops and could be just the right choice especially if you want other details in your kitchen to have the focus or if you are going for the clean simple design.


square and mitered will make your slab look thicker and will give your countertop a staring role. works well in modern and traditional.


square with waterfall. This will truly give your countertop centerstage.


eased and mitered has a slightly rounded corners.


bullnose rounded edge- timeless and classic, very traditional look.


Ogee s-shaped edge that gives a sophisticated traditional look.

Marine edge – often used with stainless steel, rather than mitered- the outside edge is raised.

Chiseled/Rough Edge natural high impact look



We hope you enjoyed and learned something new by following COUNTERTOPS 101.
Mostly, we hope we inspired you with your next countertop project.
If there is another home renovation/decor topic we can help with, let us know.
That’s impeccable.

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