Impeccable DESIGN

All of the countertop talk has brought our thoughts back to our own home and kitchen.
We have been thinking about our renovation for years.
We have had so many ideas and no time or money to fulfill our dream.
Yet along the way we have made some changes using paint and accessories,
even some demo, to achieve a transitional OK for now look.
We truly embrace the “test kitchen” idea.
We’ve tried paint, we’ve taken doors off for that open shelving look, we have even turned an old TV stand into an butcher block table. And we still love our ladder pan rack. Oh and how about our decoupage refrigerator. If you hate beige appliances, which we do, and can’t quite make yourself get rid of a perfectly good refrigerator let alone afford your desired stainless steel…make it art.

Impeccable Am.1

Impeccable Am.3

Impeccable Am.4

Impeccable Am.5

Impeccable Am.6

Impeccable Am.7

And for the most part we have loved trial and error with our kitchen.
Well maybe it hasn’t always been a love affair, more of a make do affair.
Let’s say it has allowed us to use our creative noodle to camouflage
what we feel are just yucky countertops. They have been perfectly imperfect
and that kinda suits us. Fancy granite really isn’t our look although we don’t deny these granite slabs we put in one of our clients kitchens (see below) are absolutely gorg.
We just are much more casual and we have much smaller budget.
We love our marble island yet hate the water marks.
Time is running out because we always said we would make the big renovation as our appliances have needed to be replaced. We are down one microwave and it looks like our dishwasher and oven maybe next.

Yet until we do…we might just paint our countertops.

Impeccable Am.8

Impeccable Am.9

Thank you for the inspiration.
We promise to share once we make that next step.
That’s impeccable.

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