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Boston’s Design Week: Miles Redd

One of today’s design style makers came to the Boston Design Center for Boston’s Design week yesterday, and we were totally stoked. Miles Redd inspired our final project for design school, and it was quite a privilege to hear him speak.94f053 D364263752fb4605a904bc9ef70bdee0
Miles Redd’s designs are rooted in history and traditional interior design, yet have an air of whimsey that create a most sophisticated space.
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Here he is with the ultimate style icon, David Bowie, who inspired most…including Miles Redd (and an inspiration at Impeccable Nest too!).

Cheers to thinking outside of the box, and for marrying the many decades and layers of interior design and creating the ultimate living space for your clients…and for being a constant source of inspiration for Impeccable Nest.

That’s impeccable.

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