Impeccable DESIGN


I want that patina.

That is what John Derian exclaimed when renovating his NYC apartment.
The wonderfully aged look on his walls – nicotine from the woman who had lived there for decades, a chain smoker. Now it is this amazing patina.

Antique and old world is the style of John Derian.
The designer and purveyor of objects and curiosities grew up in Watertown Massachusetts and always struggled between the world of normalcy and quirkiness.
He worked with legendary American decorator Apple Parish Bartlett in Cambridge.
His first creations – frames embellished with buttons and other found objects, were sold in her shop which eventually led to his now-signature decoupage.

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Yet for all the old and the oddness, his design and style never feels stuffy or tired – it is elegant and cool. He understands scale and size, brilliantly.
That’s impeccable.

That's Impeccable!

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